Basically every online FPS video game

It has amazed me this past week and a bit how many media platforms there are out there for me to choose to do my major on for BCM112. I didn’t even really have to go too far into the research to discover this. In fact, all I did was sit at my desk on my computer for 10 minutes and looked at what I was doing at the time to discover that several media platforms dominate my life. Right now I have: Facebook, twitter,, Reddit, WordPress, Blogger and YouTube all open in my browser, not to mention that I’m on xbox live playing farcry 3 and downloading some xbox live arcade games as well.  All of these are viable options to do my major research assignment on however, as an avid gamer I simply can’t pass up the opportunity to base a major assignment on  xbox live.

Xbox Live has been a big social platform for a while now and it is easily the better of the next gen consoles online networks. Since 2006, when the Xbox360 launched, multiplayer games on the console have been big, big sellers. For some franchises like COD, Halo and Gears of War, the multiplayer aspect of the game is how they get replay ability from said games.

I know game producers are always looking to help the consumers of these games get the most out of them. A great example was the introduction of a forge mode in Halo games.  Forge allows the consumers to create and customize their own maps, provided you use the file share system these maps can be played on anyone’s xbox. Just this feature alone has lead Achievement hunter to bring out a weekly series called Achievement Horse where consumers present their maps for the boys to try and achieve goals in.

This isn’t the only way Xbox live fits into the Consumer and producers market. Indie Game companies usually get their start by putting small games onto the Xbox live arcade market (XBLA). Games like; Minecraft, n+, The Walking Dead: the game, Trials HD and Gotham City Imposters for example are all produced by indie game companies and are some of the high selling games on XBLA. Some of these games have led the producers onto bigger things. A great example here is Trials HD. This is one of the most frustrating games I as a gamer have ever played, and the game is simple enough: drive a bike down a course. However,  adding the damn physics engine this game has and it becomes so painfully difficult that most player rage quit. This game was so popular on XBLA that a new game Trials Evolution was put out and more and more DLC is being released every week.

There is one last thing that made me choose Xbox live as my media platform for this session. The one last thing that basically put the nail in the coffin so to speak is the social media aspect of Xbox live. With the multiplayer a big selling point for Xbox live, it is only natural that like most gaming networks there is a way to interact with other players. Xbox live does this by providing people with the ability to rate players, add players as your friends, add a group of your friends to a party for a more social gaming experience etc. xbox live gives users have the ability to interact with people from all over the world, provided you have an internet connection.

With these 3 key points going for xbox live I hope that I can do well in my final essay and continue to give everyone the latest news about xbox live; so new games that come out, any new DLC that is brought out and finally just any xbox news in general.  I hope you guys enjoyed reading this too, and I hope to get some feedback asap for it.

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