It’s All Fun and Games till a School Gets Shot Up!

The way the media effect model effects the world today is astounding. I mean, you can’t go anywhere without some form of media trying to influence you into doing something. It amazes me personally how much media I see in one day even if I just sit at home on the internet.  One of the most influential forms of media  in the world is news media. This influences most peoples’ view on society. However, I ask you can we really trust them?  Can we trust that they won’t use their own bias to influence our opinions?

I personally feel that we as a society rely too much on the media to be formulating opinions on problems in society. Take for example the popular issue of violence in our society. Through news media, people often seem to blame the majority of violence on the exposure people have to violent video games.  If these people actually did some research into this and looked at the background of the perpetrator of the violent act, most of the time you would see that they actually have minimal interaction with violent video games or TV in general (see Persistent Young offenders by Hagell and Newburn for more information). Even with the evidence shown by Hagell and Newburn, the News Media consistently blames the content in video games and TV, sensationalising what little presence

Columbine High School Shooters

these had in the perpetrator’s life. One good example is Columbine High School massacre. The shooters were portrayed by the media to have played violent video games just because they found copies of the famous games Doom and Quake in their houses. In actual fact, the two shooters of the massacre spent the morning before the disaster bowling.

Personally, I find it offensive when the media blames video games for the violence in society. I will happily admit I play violent video games and yet do you see me acting violently towards people? No. Why? Because the games don’t influence the player to go out and be violent. It is normally underlying problems that surface via bullying, problems at home etc. that lead to violence in society.  This is my take on just one of the problematic way the media affects society.  Keep in mind this is just one of around ten effect problems that surround the Media Effect model.

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