Media Control or Profit Makers?

Have you ever looked at the news media these days and wondered who owns it? It’s a topic of great interest of mine. Its amazes me that so much of the news and media shown to the public today can come from something like 2 companies. it seems unbelievable in this day and age that all this media we get pumped down our throats are owned by 2-3 major news giants. These major giants I refer to are the 2 big ones here in Australia so; News Corp and Fairfax Holdings. These 2 companies basically control the majority of news and newspapers that Australian consumers like you use every day.

Why is it important though who controls the media? Well let’s take a step into my time machine and go back World War 2 in Germany. Hitler and the Nazi party controlled all the media that was displayed around Germany at that time; they even went as far as hiring young Joseph Goebbels as the minister of Propaganda. This media control was so vast that the population of Germany believed everything the Nazi’s said.  Goebbels and Hitler had a way with words like no one else; they could rally support for any cause (even the holocaust) with their Nazi Propaganda. So fast forward back to the present and you might now be able to see why controlling the media is such an important idea to consider.

Governments today need  to try and get media control. Why? That’s and easy one; because if the media is publishing good things about the government and bad things about the opposition then the majority of the population are going to believe the media instead of researching for themselves. This is also because the general population of most countries are ignorant to what is really happening in the governments.

The media is manipulated, that is a bold statement but it is true. Look at it this way Journalists these days know that stories won’t sell unless there is an element of fear or compassion instilled in the reader. The photo below is a great example of how media can be manipulated. The original photo is in the middle whereas the photos to the side are what where actually displayed to the public. On their own these images ensure the reader gets an emotional reaction out of it, and hence will sell the story. In the end that is all that the big publicly traded companies care about selling stories so they can make big money.

One image can say 1000 words, but 2 images can make you feel so much more

The point I’m making here is that these days the media is usually controlled by a publicly traded company. Here in Australia it comes down to Fairfax Holdings and News Corporation. If the governments had control like in Nazi Germany well I guess one party would be really loved while the other is despised but at this stage I think we hate all the parties that are running for office here.

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2 Responses to Media Control or Profit Makers?

  1. hey 🙂 really love your writing style and I loved the point you made with the army photo, it presented your arguments very clearly for the viewer. Just as a bit of feedback the reason I read your post was because of that first photo, it really grabbed my attention and made it different to all the other posts. Just an idea you don’t have to do it, but maybe look at your titles. Not that they are bad, but when i go through our bcm tags, all of them are pretty much the same. I read the posts that have different titles because it just makes them stand out that much more.

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