My Phone is all I need to know everything ever… of all time

I think it is safe to assume in this modern, more globalized world, that everyone has got some form of social media platform they use. Whether it’s Facebook, twitter, Xbox live or even Myspace (for you hipsters out there), we all have one and it’s common place for most people use our preferred media platform almost every day.  If you don’t have one then I pose the question to you, “what rock have you been living under for the past 10 years?” Social media has become the dominant argument for convergence of several Medias recently and it keeps building and building. Anyone who has a smart phone these days, whether it is an android or apple phone, will have one or multiple social media apps installed that they use every day.

This sort of power is very interesting to think about; all the media in the world can converge in one place and that place is your social media platform of choice. I mean the evidence is there, just look:

Now I know that one was a bit ‘farfetched’ but it is proof that media convergence is there. Think about it, if you find an interesting or amusing thing on the internet what are you going to do with it? Share it on Facebook and twitter for others to see. A classic example of this in my life is the night Blink 182 reformed… I remember my news feed on Facebook lit up, every post was “ OH MY GOD, BLINK IS BACK” or “BLINK IS BACK” or something similar and this was within 10 minutes of Travis saying the famous words “we used to play music together and we decided to start playing together again.”

It doesn’t just stop with your computer either. Look at your phone, does it have internet capability? If not, go get a new phone. These days if your phone isn’t one of these ‘smart phones’ then you are not part of this new idea that my phone is a ‘Swiss army knife’ Seriously now you can share information from anywhere. You don’t even need to be at home to do it, you could be like me right now, riding the train to Sydney (provided you get reception) and find out that Obama has been shot or something and share it immediately.I know that is a radical example but just consider when Kennedy was shot, you didn’t see people Instagraming that or posting to twitter did you.

There are 2 companies taking over the OS market on these ‘smart phones’. It’s the battle of the king pins, Android (Google) Vs. iOS (Apple). These guys are the heavyweights in this market.  They dominate the market share by like 80-90% but which is better?  I personally prefer the open source of Android a LOT more than the closed source of iOS, but this because I love to edit and create stuff to keep me entertained.  Others I know prefer the closed source of iOS though because of the lack of skill needed to use this platform. So in one way it is personal preference, but if I look at the numbers in my circle of friends I think there is like 2 iphones to like 30 android phones with one Nokia POS.  So in the battle of open source vs closed source I think most people prefer to have free reign over what their phone does as opposed to not being able to edit anything on the other.

Ok, I know all this was sort of all over the place and not really flowing well, I get that but hear me out there is method to my madness here. I started talking about the convergence of media in one platform, that being social media, then I started talking about how that worked on phones and how you don’t need to be at home to keep the convergence going, and finally I talked about Google vs. Apple. Why? Well think about it, where does all media seem to converge in reality?  Its converging into the social media platforms that is on Android phones.  The majority of the market owns an android phone and use social media on these phones. Well that’s at least my opinion

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