The Internet: The Voice of the Voiceless

Do you remember sitting down in front of the television and watching news and prime time TV with your parents? Yea, neither do I. Since the arrival of the internet the TV has somewhat dwindled in interest and become less useful in the modern household. I know  I spend most of my time on my laptop, surfing the internet and Playing video games on my Xbox (well that actually uses my TV but it isn’t a family activity). Gone are the days where you would sit with your family to watch the 6pm news on channel whatever, gone are the days when monologic media was the only media present for viewers to watch/listen/read, thanks to the internet and its dialogic media.

Television is a great example for Monologic media. From my research, the brain suffers major negative effects from watching TV (which can be seen here). This helped Newscasters cement their ideas and logic into the masses who were then unable communicate or express their own ideas; they just had to accept what the TV said as truth and deal with it. Eventually though, something would allow us to rise and let our voices be heard.

The internet is where we as consumers go to voice our opinions. How do we do this? We blog, we tweet, we update our Facebook status.  We do all this and so much more, the internet is how the voiceless got a voice. Now we are not confined and forced to accept the opinions of the daily news we watch and read and in my opinion we have become a lot better from this.

Dialogic media is the way of the future, bringing producers and consumers together to create masterpieces of work.  Most websites that generate massive traffic are filled with user generated content. Sites like Reddit, YouTube, 4chan, 9gag, WordPress and even Blogger (to name a few) are all populated with user generated content and allow for the users’ opinions to be uploaded in seconds and viewed by millions of people worldwide. What is better is when the consumers’ products are accepted and embraced by the original producer. What do I mean by this?

I’ll give you the best example I can think of. Have you ever heard of a show called Red vs Blue? What about a site called Achievement Hunter? These are all productions from the Production studio Roosterteeth out of Austin Texas. When the company first started, their whole product was based on the hit game Halo: Combat Evolved. It started as a stupid idea in Michael “Burnie” Burns’ head, spearheaded by the question “what happened to all the other Spartans while the Master Chief was off saving the universe?” Now, it has turned into one of the most loved productions in the world for video game and machinama. 10 years on and they are still creating and are one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, producing over 20 regular videos a week  and have been embraced by most video game companies who have then also provided them with copies of the games for achievement videos and to give away in competitions. The company uses their Xbox Live accounts and about 20 Xboxs in their office space to create said videos. The game Halo: Combat Evolved went only so far but with this user generated content being produced on the game it allowed for it to sell a bunch more copies and is now listed as an Xbox Classic title. This user generated content pushed the boundaries and provided new and original content free to all. This is one way user generated content is better than the monologic media that was produced before the internet.

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