Rising up against the big media in this world

Guys, I’m curious.  How much of the big media giant’s news you read and, more importantly, believe without doing further research? If you answer little to none then I applaud you.  I like to think that most people who read a big news story would look up more information on the World Wide Web in order to gather a valid opinion on the story. If your opinion is strong enough maybe you yourself will contribute to the argument online and write a little story on a blog.

This, friend, is one way citizen journalism and it’s taking over. Thanks to the internet (the world’s leader on converging media) anyone can post their opinions online and help contribute to the argument on any story going around in any of the media giants. Sites like WordPress, Blogger, Twitter and Reddit help online users voice their opinions on topics going around.

I talked last week about how the internet has become a place for our voices; the internet is the voice for the voiceless. This piece of technology, which was created in the 90s, has become this vast variety network for users online to have their voices/opinions heard. This is the basic concept of how citizen journalism became so popular. The internet gives a voice to the users to talk their opinions on a various topics and can give critic to current media. There are people out there who have made a career out of this; people like John ‘Total Biscuit’ Bain and David ‘Yahtzee’ have all built their careers on critiquing popular media. These 2 people in particular have built their careers from commenting on video games and video game news.

Yahtzee has a unique style of hating everything in most video games. If he likes a video game than this game must be good. His humour and unique style is what has earned him his fame and landed him a job at the Escapist Magazine doing a weekly show called Zero Punctuation for them.  This is different to Total Biscuit (TB). TB uses his humour and 25 year experience to critique the video game industry. He has multiple popular web series such as:

  • WTF Is…
  • The Content Patch
  • TGS Podcast
  • and WTF Do I Own

These play along with his running WoW and Starcraft and more recently his DOTA 2 commentaries

The use of YouTube as a medium for these videos from these individuals allows for easy feedback from their audience as well. If TB or Yahtzee do something that isn’t liked by their fans they will let them know in force via YouTube comments. Never before have we as an audience been so included in the news we read and listen to. We basically have a direct link to the creators of the media we look at now and can voice our own opinions on it via a YouTube response or via a blog we write and reference them in.

Personally, I think the concept of Citizen Journalism is a great idea, if only we could block out the people who use the comments on these media forms to troll and spam viruses. That has to be the one down side to all this. However, the idea that we as an audience can communicate and voice our own opinions on topics is amazing. I love the fact my opinions on topics can be seen or heard in other countries and it isn’t confined to just my friends that I talk to on a regular basis.

Reference list:

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