Is that all folks?


This is weird; half way through the session and here I am ending my BCM110 posts. It’s a little sad, I have quite enjoyed writing about the topics I have for BCM110. I mean, I still have BCM112 to write about but it just isn’t the same to me. Well, with this being a time of reflection I guess I should reflect on what I have wrote over the past 5 weeks.


I have covered a couple of topics over the past months which have explored some basic media theories. I hope my writing has been able to convey my ideas in these posts but if not I shall summaries them right here.


In the first BCM110 post I contributed to this blog, I talked solely on how the media affects us and how that helps build on the bad publicity violent video games get in the world today. I used the example of the Columbine High School massacre and how the media built up that they were frequent users of id software’s popular game Doom, when really they just had a copy in their house. These two kids who lead two normal lives at a normal school, however they were obviously disturbed in the head and had underlining mental problems to do what they did. The media, as I said, just focused on and blamed the video games for their monstrous actions. Since I posted that blog, I found this video here. Total Biscuit voices his opinion on this whole situation and I 100% agree with what he is saying. It just reiterates and gives more facts to the argument that video games are not the cause behind the mass murders.


Controversy creates cash: the title says it all. In this post I was asked to find a controversial advertisement and discuss why it was so controversial and how it affected people. I chose to talk about the Volkswagen commercial in the super bowl this year.  The use of a white Minnesota acting like a Jamaican was akin to a modern day ‘Black face’ according to some people. However, to others (mainly Jamaican people) the ad was perfectly acceptable and was welcomed from Volkswagen. The controversy from this ad got people talking and, through that, Volkswagen got its end goal which was sales on their cars. Thus the controversy created cash.


Next I discussed the concepts of how media is controlled in countries and explored the question of who actually owns the media we see and view each day? I talked about the history of media control, especially in Nazi Germany. I will admit I never realised how in control Hitler and the Nazi’s were of the media but I can sort of see why they needed to be. I then talked about modern media, and how it is manipulated by journalists. Big publicly traded companies want stories that will sell, so journalists have to manipulate the truth to write stories that will sell. Why write about how soldiers in Afghanistan are not only capturing insurgents but how when they do, they feed and hydrate them before questioning? It makes more sense to rally the public with stories about how they are capturing insurgents that are attacking us with what are essentially ‘rocks’ compared to our ‘high tech lasers’. Our armies are storm troopers and they are ewoks.  What I’m saying here is that it’s easier to make the army look like the bad guys here because there is already protest in the public for our presence in Afghanistan so this adds fuel to the fire.


Finally, I discussed the mediated public sphere. Basically I talked about Big brother as a TV show that people were able to voice their opinions on and add to public debates on certain topics. People go into the house and are meant to act like they normally do and voice their opinions on debates that were going on when they entered the house. Some chose to use their live appearances on eviction shows to voice their opinions on these debates because YOLO . These segments happened to be the higher rated segments on the show, because, once again, controversy sells. Also, throughout these posts I voiced my actual opinions on television programming these days in Australia and how bad it has become. I even said I would rather shove forks in my eyes than call these shows entertainment. That is personal opinion, however, a valid one. If a free-to-air channel is reading this, please, note that there are people in this world that want shows on TV like AMC’s the walking dead and Game of Thrones.


So, this is it for BCM110. I’m sad; I don’t want to stop writing for this. I like this assignment. I got to voice my opinions in ways I couldn’t in a normal assignment. I have thoroughly enjoyed this (what enjoy an assignment are you crazy?). I must admit it was fun. Now though, it is time to call it a close. I really hope you enjoyed reading these posts, I really do. I’m sorry I write so much, I just have a lot of opinions on stuff.


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