We are the Lazy Generation

So it is official, my generation is referred to as the ‘Lazy Generation.’ This is thanks to the news media of today portraying us as people who don’t do anything and sit on our phones and party a lot and won’t stay off the damn lawn. We are depicted so negatively in the media. Seriously, let’s say in one day a group of youths were to help stop something massive like, I dunno, they helped put out a house fire and saved an old lady or something and on that same day a bunch of youths got into a drunken brawl on Crown Street and smashed up a store in the mall in the process. I think it would be safe to say page one will read something about the brawl and the house fire will be pushed back onto page 5. The negatives out way the positives in the media for us youngsters, it honestly sucks that it happens to us. What is worse is in the past year, thanks to the ‘Lazy Generation’, some of the big world events/protests were helped by us sitting on our phones and laptops all day.

In the past years there were several big protests amongst the youth which were enhanced by the use of social media by those youths in the ‘Lazy Generation’. KONY2012 gained a lot of exposure through social media and online presence.  I can remember when people had this as their display pictures on Facebook and everyone shared that Kony 2012 video shown below. The Campaign was spearheaded by one video that went viral and is now dubbed the “Most Viral Video of All Time,” (Carbone 2012). Following this video, the phrases KONY and KONY 2012 trended on twitter for almost a month with mainly university and high school students tweeting and commenting on it.  It was such a huge topic until, of course, the creator of the idea had a public meltdown and the topic just died.

There are other things closer to home that have gained exposure due to the ‘Lazy Generation’ too. Ever heard of a cause called “A Gracious Gift”? This cause helped a very good friend of mine live. My mate, Will Chapman, last year was in dire need of a new heart and, with how the organ donations process operates in this country, he wasn’t going to get one in time. From what started as a family and friends supporting Will, led to a whole community (my hometown of Ulladulla) getting behind him in a race to get organ donations up and to get him a second chance at life. Soon enough he gained national exposure and was lucky enough to appear on four corners last year. Thankfully, I can say Will got a new heart and is living life to the fullest now and it all practically started with his friends and family changing their display picture on Facebook to this and the video below.

These 2 movements have one major thing in common; the fact that young people helped spread their messages through social media and help gathered sympathy for their cause. This is why these 2 movements are memorable in my mind. These movements got momentum from us, the ‘Lazy Generation’. So, if news media could stop being biased towards us and actually look at the good we can do from a computer and phone that would be lovely.

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