Trolls in the Dungeon

We all know we do it, whether it is on social media or in the comment sections of videos on YouTube or even directly to people in some other form online. We all troll people for our own entertainment. Why is that? Because it is hilarious! But, let’s be honest with ourselves here, there is a problem with being an online ‘troll’ and that is they can be regarded as cyber bullies.

There is a fine line that can be crossed and sometimes trolling can go too far. Earlier this year, a group of people known as ‘Facebeef’ may have been a bit harsh in their troll, however, in doing so they did manage to disprove the journalism skills on today tonight. Oh you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about? Here are the 2 videos explaining this.

To the normal person, this is an outrage; it’s disrespectful and it is out right rude. To me however, I see some brilliant tactics displayed to disprove the research team at today tonight. So, in this case, the ‘trolls’ aren’t that bad.

Trolls feed on anybody that will fight back against them too. It doesn’t matter to them if you are: Black, White, Asian, African, Jewish, Muslim, Female, Male, gay, straight or mentally challenged, they will find you and find a way to make your life bad. I see trolls as the bullies we all had on the school ground who pick on the weaker and younger people, except online there are never any consequences for their actions. It must make them feel really big to insult someone from behind their computer even though in reality they are probably a scrawny midget who would get trampled in a real fight. You could say trolls are the Tyrion Lannister whereas bullies who do physical damage are Jamie Lannister (season 1 Jamie that is).

Is there anything being done about it? I would say yes. Groups of individuals have stood up against the ‘trolls’ online to make a stand for their rights. Women have used the hashtag #mencallmethings as a campaign for womens’ rights. Unfortunately, this is prime material and the trolls didn’t care and continued to attack people standing up for themselves… typical bully behaviour, really.

Ok now after writing all this you would think I would take a second and think about what I post or laugh at online. The fact is though I am a troll and I can say I’m somewhat proud of it. Sure, I don’t go too much into it and I never mean anything I say or do, in fact, I doubt I have even been that rude online to people publicly. The thing I see is that I have limits and rules and they don’t;, I am Batman and they are the Joker.

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