Television: the thing before cats.jpg were popular.

Welcome to Television, We don’t have Cats

Anyone remember the significance of the year of 1956? I know I do, it was the year that mainstream Television was brought to Australia, It also happens to be the year my dad was born. Growing up he barely had a television to watch because of their prices in those days. If he watched TV it was an occasion he rarely wanted to do. “I preferred hanging outside and being active,” Tony recalls, which also says a lot because I can never get him away from the Television now when I visit. As a Child he did watch Television though however, it was nowhere near the scale of which we watch it now days.

The memories of watching TV Tony has are limited but he did recall gathering around with his parents and watching the telecast of the 1967 NSWRL Grand Final. “It was Canterbury Vs. the Rabbits so I personally didn’t care,” says Tony, who is a diehard Easts fan. As it was the very first telecast he recalled his parents sat him down and forced him to watch it. “I wasn’t really keen on watching it, but to them it was like we had landed on the moon.”

1967 Grand Final Winners

By the time of his 1967 story, Australia had at least a Television set in every home or close to it. Black and white or colour, it was the new fad back in the days. This magical box that displays moving images was mesmerising audiences across the globe. “Like I said, I never really did get into it,” Tony continued to explain as he turned back and continued watching whatever was on the TV, yea sure dad.

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One Response to Television: the thing before cats.jpg were popular.

  1. Keziah says:

    Haha nice conclusion. I’ve definitely seen that shift with my mum where she never used to watch as much television as she does now. And it’s the same thing too where she will say “I don’t really watch it that much.” Gotta love the funny things our parents say!

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