*Insert Game of Thrones Pun on Piracy Here*

We are all probably guilty of downloading something illegally online. It’s what we do these days, especially in Australia. One show we all might be guilty of is downloading Game of Thrones. Just a side note if you don’t watch this show, STOP HERE GO WATCH THEN COME BACK. Game of thrones is one of the most downloaded shows in the world, and the producers don’t see this as a problem.

I did Warn you

The executive producers of the show consider it “better than an emmy,” According to the Creator George R.R. Martin calls it a compliment that his show is the number 1 pirated show in the world.  The shows buzz created from the piracy resembles the fame of the one true stark Rob Stark as the King in the north.  So is Piracy really a crime?

The stars of the HBO series feel somewhat happy and sad about the piracy title, but at the end of the day it is stealing unfortunately.  As much of a crime as Eddard Stark’s treason in season 1 and carries a heavy punishment to go along with it. Recently an American Jury forced a student to pay up to $675,000 for illegal downloading and sharing it online. The money was distributed to 4 different record labels for his actions; this just shows how serious this crime is. What is worse is we all commit this crime and any one of us could be brought up on it one day. Think about it, if you were caught, how much could you have to pay? Under US law you could pay between $750 – $30,000 for a single piece of copyright material.

Even if you had a father like Tywin Lannister who was the richest man in all of the seven kingdoms, you still could get pinned with a hefty fine. I honestly wish there were more companies like HBO, who embrace the idea they are the most pirated show ever. People don’t understand that it is free publicity at the cost of a little bit of cash. Please producers, be more like Tyrion and less like Joffery.


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Image sourced from:  https://www.signalfirestudios.com/shirt/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/SpoilerAlert2WhiteText-preview.png

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7 Responses to *Insert Game of Thrones Pun on Piracy Here*

  1. jthornton96 says:

    Wow, I had never heard about that student being charged so much money!! Makes me think twice about next getting onto piratebay.com… I think it’s great that we have such easy file sharing capabilities, and it makes me wonder if it is such a bad thing? I mean, music writers are losing money in royalties, then they’ll just have to do more tours if they want to make their living. Could this be the empowerment we need over the entertainment industry to get the variety and regularity we want? Copyright infringement is wrong, no-one denies that stealing is a crime, but is it time we changed to adapt to this new Internet file sharing culture? Great blog, this was a god read.

  2. nat224 says:

    I think it’s just part of our culture to pirate or illegally download because its the easiest option we are given. If we are computer literate we can do it for free. It’s just as easy to go to the shops and buy a DVD but why spend money when we can have it free with minimal risk of being caught? It is wrong, and we obviously shouldn’t do it, but it’s near impossible to stop every single person doing it.

  3. dani2894 says:

    Hahahahaha at the spolier alert. Great post it reminded me of http://youtu.be/u5CQagQspCs a video showing the opening scene of the Simpsons copying the Game of throne’s opening scene. I agree everyone is streaming online these days. I have a friend who works at video ezy and their company is going very very downhill because of it not to mention the actual producers, directors actors who are also losing money. Despite how far online piracy has gone everyone continues to do it and I don’t see that changing any time soon. It’s almost become a social norm.

  4. Oh dear, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones and yet I read on. I guess copyright laws aren’t the only ones I break. It’s scary that any of us can potentially be hit with a fine just for downloading an episode of the Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones. It’s interesting the way most of us don’t identify the act of piracy as being wrong at all. Perhaps it’s the fact that we can’t see the victim in the situation. If you steal an old lady’s handbag from her in the street, you know exactly who you’ve hurt. Behind the safety of a screen, though, we have difficulty identifying the victims and consequences of our downloads.

  5. youfoundbec says:

    The references, SO MANY REFERENCES! 😛 This was a great, up beat post with a really interesting angle. I agree, there should be more companies like HBO, they make the best shows and they’re cool about it. I though your use of the video of the cast’s opinion really added a lot and I almost feel bad for downloading it now thanks to the guy who played Sam. As for student who had to pay $675 000 for piracy, I heard of a similar situation concerning a woman in England who had to pay $20 000 for downloading just one album. Torrent hosting sites like Pirate Bay or Isohunt are very hard to pin down for piracy as they argue that what users do with content on their site is not their fault. This has resulted in big businesses coming after individuals now so they can get some retribution. It’s not looking great for the future of piracy, I have to say.

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  7. analise201 says:

    I love that John Bradley uses the cake metaphor for piracy. Too harsh? You are obviously a big GOT fan and so am I, so kudos to your post. I am happy that the HBO executives embrace the piracy, in a way they are adapting to modern age. I am sure at the end of the day if people love the show enough they will support it by means of money. I recently bought a T-shirt stamped with “Crows over Hoes” – I wonder if HBO would love or hate? It’s an obvious breach of current copyright laws, however, a twist on the original idea only led to a fan creating a remixed idea which embraces the orginal idea and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Artists that solely base their ideas on commodity should be ashamed of themselves. They should be thankful and grateful for their fan bases even without huge amounts of $$$. So thanks HBO and thankyou for sharing!

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