Video Games + News Media Influence = Dumb

Above is a video by Total Biscuit which talks about the media and the ways in which their bias against violent video games has brainwashed the masses into believing that they are to sole cause of teenage violent crime.  This myth has been thrown around for years in the media and always seems to come up when violent crimes happen in the world.

Columbine, Sandy Hook and the murder of James Buldger were all terrible crimes, but the media chose to focus on the fact that all the culprits in these tragedies played violent video games and often heavily implied that this is what compelled them to commit the atrocities they did. Even if violent video games were a factor behind their motives, it’s highly unlikely that this would be the sole reason or even the main reason these horrific crimes were committed. “High spikes in violent video game sales do not lead to high spikes in crime,” (Corriea, 2013). In fact, it has recently been proven in some studies that these high sales have led to a sudden drop in violent youth activity. 

I found this hilarious

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We consume this bias media in a number of different places and this could affect how we react to it. If you see a news story in a pro gaming environment such as a gaming store, LAN party or something similar, you would be outraged like the rest of the people in that area that video games are once again being blamed for issues in our society.  However, if you saw the same story on your own watching the news, you might be intrigued and look into the story more and develop an opinion of your own, rather than one influenced by people around you.

In the end, where you consume your media really effects the way you consume it. People act differently in public than they might in private and their views on topics might also be different to the same respect.

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