Blinking the Day of Affliction (I’m really bad at titles)

We’re all fans of something or other in this world. I can look around my room and see all my fandom merchandise/ everything I collect plastered to the walls and spilling over desks. This is going to be difficult for me to talk about simply because I have so many fandoms I may need more than one post. So, when talking about my fandom experiences I’m going to stick to one genre: music. Let’s see how I’ve moulded into my music over the years.

Let’s go down memory lane for a minute. I’m 10 years old and I first start listening to music and what comes on the radio? These guys:

I remember this song because after I heard it I was so mesmerized by Green Day that I had to listen to all their stuff and this was the best song on the album I had. Fast forward to high school me and I hear this song on my mate’s iPod

Now you may be thinking yea that’s nice Cardak, now get on to the fandoms, but just look at this:

This really isn't that bad

This really isn’t that bad

Yeah I got a little carried away with this. But, this still isn’t my worst one ever.


This isn't even half the merch I own

This isn’t even half the merch I own

See that stuff above? This isn’t even half of the merchandise I own for this band. I’m terrible, I know, but I really, REALLY love this band.  I’ve seen them live 6 times and can probably quote any song by them and have all of them on Facebook. I promise I’m not a stalker. For those who don’t know them here is my favourite song ever by them. (I was even there when they filmed part of it)

Fans will spend money to buy what the latest collectable or newest t-shirt that is out there. They love to advertise that they love whatever it they consider themselves fans of. It is the latest craze out there. “Fans purchase licensed merchandise not only because they feel like they are part of the team or group, they also feel that it is fun to buy their team’s merchandise. (Özer ,Argan, 2006)” In this study conducted in 2006, Ozer and Argan looked at Official Merchandise from sporting teams and why it was purchased by fans in Turkey. The fans feel more part of the team if they own the merchandise, much like people who buy music merchandise feel more part of the band.


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