My Phone doubles as a Swiss Army Knife

When I think of convergence I think of my phone, in about a 6 year period I went from a brick that I could throw at walls and the wall would break, to this delicate piece of technology I cannot live without.  It is physically impossible for me to go anywhere without my phone and it is because of how much media I have on my phone.

Smartphones have done wonders in society; they have given a platform for all media to converge in one place that is easily accessed. Think about it you have: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Skype, SMS, Phone, Games, News and a hell of a lot of other media all on the one device. Bet you never thought those tablet things they use in star trek would ever become a viable technology.

“We are living in an age when changes in communications, storytelling and Information technologies are reshaping almost every aspect of contemporary life – Including how we create, consume, learn and interact with each other.”(Jenkins) Truer words have never been spoken, I my own opinion the advancements in technology have exponentially increased in the past 6 years. 6 years ago I never imagined that the phone in my pocket could be a Swiss army knife of media for me to consume. I mean I used to walk around with a Nokia 3310 like most other kids at my high school and playing snake was considered to be the best thing in the world to kill time. As we continue to progress who knows where technology will take us, I mean look at Google Glass it reminds me of the Dragonball Z scouters that all of Freiza’s henchmen wear.

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11 Responses to My Phone doubles as a Swiss Army Knife

  1. elisetesta93 says:

    If phones have gone from simple communication devices to the crazy amount of features they have available today I cannot even begin to imagine the next big media converged piece of technology. Its like watches, no longer to they just tell you the time but now they can keep track of your calories burned and remind you to go for that run!

  2. Sweet post. It’s actually incredible how revolutionary the technology is. It’s just a shame that we can’t use an iPhone or Android phone for self defence – Nokia to the Face = Demolished. I wonder if Google Glass will be as revolutionary as smart phones, and I really wonder what revolutionary technology we will have in 10-20 years time? I mean, with Occulus Rift we’re getting pretty close to virtual reality gaming which is actually amazing.

  3. youfoundbec says:

    I’m not sure if I’d agree that it’s PHYSICALLY impossible for you to be without your phone but I understand what you mean. It’s just so handy! And we’re seeing more and more technology becoming like this. Take for example the xbox, it has a lot of communication and social edia features now included. I remember my old ps2, it played ps2 games and DvDs and that was that. These days convenience is at our finger tips and it will be interesting to see how we change as a society because of that. I loved the Star Trek reference and Snake is still an awesome way to kill time 😛 Great post!

  4. edabbott says:

    TBH, I wish phones these days still had the original snake. All of the snake games I’ve found in the App Store are too fancy and there’s too much going on! I just want to play the original simple Snake. Oh, and that BMX game that was on the Nokias, I liked that too! They can put a calculator in my phone, but can’t give me simple Snake?! Not good enough man, simply not good enough.

  5. Nice work on the post man! Always good to take a step backwards and review the exceptionally rapid rate of technological development. Throws me sometimes when the device I can hold quite literally in the palm of my hand outclasses the hulking mass of a computer I wielded as a child. Let’s just hope we don’t develop too quickly for a while, my bank account needs to recover.

  6. KK KWOK says:

    Your post remind me how every time when there’s a new version of iPhone comes out and people will become crazy about it just because they want the newest version of technology. I do agree it is amazing that how technology has developed very quick and gave us lots of benefit, but at the same time it also create lots of ethical issue such as blood mineral ( and e-waste (, I disgusted the humanity that we are stepping on the people’s blood and dead body to develop our technology.

  7. bparsons104 says:

    It is amazing to see how far technology has progressed as we’ve seen the progression has made in such a short time span. In a way it’s almost scary to think how fast our technology is changing, considering it doesn’t take long before a newer version of something comes out. I read on another blog that Samsung has released a watch which is apart of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + gear that appears to do everything that a smartphone does.

  8. Haha as soon as I read this, I thought of that New Girl episode where Nick tries to invent “Real Apps” for a phone i.e.; turn his phone cover into a swiss army knife so then it could pretty much do everything. I wanted to put a link, but I cant find anything on youtube sorry. But yeah, smart phones are definitely the swiss army knives of technology, that was such a great way of putting it. I’m interested in what they’ll look like in 10 years time, because the technology has advanced so much like you said, since we had our first phones, which was less than 10 years ago for me. Good post

  9. gt25oh3 says:

    I am actually scared of the technology advancments to come, its hard enough for me to keep up with the present ones. Am I the only person not obsessed with having the newest iPhone 5 and every update as soon as it is available? I only just upgraded to my smartphone and I miss my brick nokia, all I needed was text messages, being able to make phone calls and occassionaly my camera. It was much simpler and I had no desire to use all these medias I use now because they weren’t as important to me, I wasn’t so reliant on them like I am now.

  10. I wish we weren’t so reliant on our phones, but I am also one of those people who has to be! My phone is my connection to absolutely everything in my life: bank accounts, ebay accounts, facebook, twitter, contacts, photos and the list could go on and on! The only problem with this is when I lost my phone and everything was gone, it felt like a lot of my life went away with it. The problem with trying to go without using this technology, but you’d be the one left out while everyone else advances.

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