Have I Overdone this yet?

Readers: “Hey Cardak, what do you want to talk to us about today?”
Me: “Well my readers, I want to discuss piracy and Game of Thrones with you.”
Readers: “But… didn’t we just do that here?”
Me: “Well yes, but if you look at the tags you will see this is a different class!”
Readers: “Yay?”


Yes we’re back to talking about piracy and its effect on one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Yes I know I have done this to death but let’s talk about it one last time.

Newest House to join George R.R. Martins series?

Did you know that Australia is the country with the highest number of downloads for Game of Thrones? Well, I guess we are descended from convicts after all.  When he first heard this news,  US ambassador Jeffrey Bleich was shocked to say the least (Poitrowski, 2013). At the start of the year, when season 3 first aired, it was documented that 160,000 viewers were watching the epic story continue. After the broadcast, it was reported that  the seeders for the first episode hit around 168,083 clients online with 144,663 of those peers coming from the land down under(Kidman, 2013). C’mon people, why is it that our glorious country is one of the top offenders when it comes to TV and Movie Sharing?

Bleich  insists that the reasoning that our extra torrenting is due to the time delay that US shows have before they air in Australia is simply not valid anymore because the majority of content is fast tracked here in a mere couple of hours. But you know what, why should I wait? If Game of Thrones airs at 8 o’clock American Eastern Standard Time why can’t I watch it simultaneously at 10am here in Wollongong, Australia? In the 3-7 hours it takes for Game of Thrones to ‘fast-track’ to Australian TV the internet will have lit up and spoilers will be everywhere.(this point is great!)

Piracy is a crime I do understand that, but a bigger crime is spoiling something as amazing as Game of Thrones. Could you imagine having the Red Wedding or the fate of Joffery spoiled (yes, I can actually imagine that… because it happened. THANKS TONY!) by just logging on to Twitter while you go about your business during the day? Even the cast and producers of Game of Thrones enjoy the idea that they are the number one most pirated show in the world. It’s free publicity and if you look at HBO subscriber numbers they have increased dramatically, so piracy must be doing something for the show and the network.

It takes roughly 30-60 minutes for the Game of Thrones torrent to go live in most places, then takes another hour-2 hours to download depending on seeders and peers. In places where HBO is available, some people find even the few hours wait too arduous so they subscribe and pay 30 dollars a month for Game of Thrones.

So, guys, is the topic of piracy and Game of Thrones dead yet? I really hope it is and I know you guys must be thinking the same thing. Sorry to hammer on about the same old boring topic, but one day you will thank me for it!


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One Response to Have I Overdone this yet?

  1. michellewebb says:

    Good post, I’ve been one of those GOT episode thieves online! Piracy is only going to worsen, but I don’t understand why everyone seems to be freaking out about it – don’t HBO and the like earn enough?!
    Feel free to check out my latest post! Thanks

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