Smart uses of technology in public.

Do you feel like you are being watched, I feel there is something looking at me waiting to pounce… OMG IM BEING STALKED!!!
Everywhere I go these days there I’m always being followed. It’s relentless and I’m at my wits end, these damn media screens are everywhere! They’re always on, flashing an advertisement or promoting some kind of action. With the technological advances in the recent past, it’s common place now to see moving style advertisements and it should follow that they’re very effective because movement is something that will capture the attention of someone. However, I’ve noticed that no one seems to pay attention to them. As I was walking around my university’s campus today, I took a second to look at all the screens and take in their message. As it turns out these screens of media actually gave me some useful information about the campus.

This screen used to mean something to me

This screen used to mean something to me

This screen here stuck out to me, It is right by the entrance to the library and I feel it has been used better in the past. I remember walking in and seeing this screen advertises how many free computers were in the library. Now it is just advertising the opening hours of the library (which is still useful in itself when it comes to crunch time for assignments.) Now looking back I think of how useful that information used to be. Anyone that goes to any university understands finding a free computer during university times is a massive hassle. This was a great way to find out where there are free seats, and it looks like no one ever looked at it. I mean why else would it be taken away and now used to advertise opening and closing hours for the library?

I think the university really had a good idea here. Look on the screen as you enter the library and you know there are X free computers or you see there are no free computers and you walk to building 17 or building 3. There was just one thing I couldn’t understand; why was no one reading or looking at this marvellous piece of information? Is this advertisement not flashy and pretty enough to gather the attention of the people, or is it located in a dumb spot where it is always covered by a crowd of people?  The Queensland government provides a website here that shows effective tips for successful advertising in any space. They talk about how the advertisement needs to be gripping and compelling to engage the viewers to remember and take in the information provided. If people are ignoring your advertisements in public spaces you need to rethink your strategy and look at how to make your message captivating for Audiences. I suppose one way to make the screen more attention grabbing would be to  have multiple screens set up around the library floors in places that are hard to miss, I’m sure you could move some of the art in the stairwells and replace them with said screen to flash people the information as they ascend up towards to top floor.

This is just one example of the many screens we see in the public space, they have become more and more frequent in the recent years. Many advertisements in shopping malls and around major cities utilise this form of advertising to connect with potential buyers of their products. Some sporting events use these screens outside arenas to show highlights of the sport to try and persuade people to come to their events. Media advertising in public is becoming a massive part of society in cities around Australia and I like it. When I see bright flashy and moving advertisements, these ones tend to remain in my mind rather than the dull boring stills that other companies use to advertise.

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