So I was waiting in line today…

So, let me give you a scenario. You are in line waiting to purchase tickets to a really popular movie. It’s the opening night and there is about 20 people ahead of you in line, what do you do?

If you answered pull out your phone and look on Facebook, twitter etc. guess what?  You are just like the vast majority of people in the line I am in right now. Yes I am writing this post on my phone (well the draft at least) while waiting in line to see Now you see me.  I would love to show you a photo but due to reasons I am not allowed but here is a good description. Im 20th in line, I can see basically 19 teenagers ahead of me, and all of them are on their phones on Facebook.

This is what waiting in line has come to now though, using a mobile phone to look cool when you are alone (I mean that’s my reasoning behind it when I do it), which is really sad.” Cell phone usage can be defined as any application of the cell phone as a tool, including talking, text messaging, game playing or the sheer accessibility of the instrument.(Banjo, Hu, Sundar, 2008)” People use their phones to pass the time in lines now, and sometimes it can get really frustrating. Personally I have had to wait behind people who are so oblivious to the outside world when they are on their phone that they stand at the front of the line until ushered away by security for holding up the line. Why is it though, that we cannot wait the 30 seconds to maybe 10 minutes in a line waiting to be served without using our phones?

Remember the good old days when Individualism never exisited?

If people in the 1950s could do it, why can’t we? I think, it is our attention span that has caused this. If you can’t sit still for 5 minutes without doing something then there is absolutely no way you can just wait in line without getting bored. That would be my assumption at least. I’m sure there are other reasons behind it all but at the end of the day. Ty Kiisell belives that the barrage of media we get during the day is the reason behind the shorter attention spans, and with newer phone being able to used as a mini computer then it is easy to see the connection.  The phone is the swiss army knife of this generation, it has multiple uses and to be honest when you stand in line, it really is the best way to pass the time.


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