So yea, I wasn’t that bad… But I feel I could have been better

So at the end of this session, it is time to reflect once again on my blog and my thoughts on how it has progressed in the past couple of weeks. To answer it briefly I’ll be the first to say I really wasn’t happy with my blog. Time management has really hindered my writing this session and when it came down to it I was rushing most of my posts. This however wasn’t a lack of preparation, more a lack being able to express my ideas in writing so they made sense. This isn’t to say there weren’t highlights in my writings that I feel good about.

I like to write how I understand topics; I don’t like sticking to the stock standard introduction to topic, look at the academic side of the topic and closing out with my own thoughts. I love to write about my own understandings off the topics from what I have read over the week. Blogs can be very personal and I do enjoy that sort of writing style. Academic things can get really boring really quickly however, if something is personal it is easier for the readers to connect and enjoy. I felt the Piracy topic we did in week 8 was really well done. This blog I had a back log of texts for from looking at the same idea’s previously in DIGC202, but this time I was able to continue my argument started in the DIGC blog and round it out convincingly here. Personally I strongly enjoy writing about piracy and relating it back to Game of Thrones. Since becoming a massive fan of the series anytime I get to look at it and talk about it in any way makes me really excited and I could talk or write for hours on the topic.

Something else I pride my blog on is its design and user accessibility. I really worked hard to make the user interface simple to use and make the overall blog look appealing to all; I even custom made the header with my title in it. I personally feel the easier the blog is to look at, the easier it is to read.  Things that help blogs easier to read are things like white space on the page, no clutter amongst the text, Pictures to make the readers laugh, videos related to the topic and or are funny and relevant. The blog also has an About page which links the readers to a post about myself and allows for readers to find out information about me as a writer and along with that there is a separate page with contact details linking them to my twitter and an email account set up just for the blog.  I really slaved over every detail to the blog, I guess that is why I have gotten so many followers on this blog.  Currently it stands at 68 followers but it grows every day. I do get more than just these followers reading though; Posting my blog to both twitter and facebook have picked the views up from nowhere getting over 1000 overall views this year alone. My friends always read whatever I posted and always would message me if they thought it was good.

Overall, I feel my weakest post on the blog was the fandom blog. I feel I reflected on my own personal fandoms more than actually explore the topic for what I could have. I know when I read other students blogs I felt I hadn’t really done the topic the justice it truly deserves. If I had that week over again I would have done less personal reflection and looked more into what makes fandom so cool in this day and age.  Another thing I will admit is my grammar and spelling hasn’t been up to scratch in most of my blogs. While it has been improving in recent weeks it still hasn’t been 100% and I feel it has really hurt most of my posts.  Finally, looking back the lack of Academic sources being talked about has really hurt the blog. It isn’t to say I didn’t find any it was more of a case as I took from them an idea and worded it how I understand it. I feel like I should have worded it “ X said this… and I understand it to be this…,”

At the end of the day, does have some good points to it however, I still feel that overall it has been really weak on my own behalf and not up to my own standards. If I had to redo this assignment, would have put more time towards finding a quality source and discussing it in the blogs more, than finding one and maybe briefly mentioning it in the post.

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