Are Physical copies on the way out?

Are collections like this leaving? source

With the rise of digital downloads and e-sports in the gaming industry, are we seeing the end of selling physical copies of games?

With platforms out there like Steam and the Xbox Live Marketplace, we have begun to see a decline in people buying physical copies of video games. Most games that are played competitively are available on these platforms and make big money from digital distribution. However, there are some who will still purchase the physical copy for their library of games at home.

Recent games such as Batman Arkham Origins and Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag have bundled collector’s merchandise with a more expensive version of the game. The ordinary retail releases of these games however, were still nearly 30 dollars more expensive than the digital download of the game.

Joshua Miller is one who craves the physical copies of games that have the collectors’ items. Sure his steam library is massive, however, with the recent release of Total War: Rome II Josh had to go out and physically purchase the game. “I prefer physical because most digital games are tied to an account, plus you get some really cool stuff with them.” However, if the games are not tied to your account Joshua will consider the digital copy a viable option.

In this day and age it is become cheaper and cheaper to buy our games from places like steam and Xbox Live Marketplace. Matthew Armstrong has nearly 140 games on steam and has barely spent over 300 dollars on them. “I like the convenience of steam.”  Steam is always around and accessible 24/7 and with things like the steam sales and humble indie bundles, it is very easy to get the games you desire for less than a cup of coffee.

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