Team Immunity Allows Community Members to Play with them at EB Expo

EB Expo Light up Sydney’s Olympic Park this past weekend ( Source)

Members from Team Immunity allowed members of the community to join them in game as part of the EB expo this past weekend in Sydney.

This was the third EB expo and the second one to be run in Sydney. This year it had to contend with One Direction and the NRL Grand final being played in Olympic Park on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Even with such big events trying to outshine it the EB Expo pulled a big crowd itself. The halls were full for each session. They even had Xbox One’s and Playstation 4’s Playable at this event which was a big draw card for most gamers.

Members from Australia’s Premiere E-sport team hit the stage and allowed members of the League of Legends community to come and join them in game at the league of legends booth this past weekend. With the Electronic Sporting world growing every day it shouldn’t surprise people that at events like the EB Expo these Booths draw thousands of people in. This year Team Immunity gave the fans a reward they never would have expected.

“It was amazing” says Chris Grover, a community member who attended the event.  “My team mates were people i just met in the crowd, and we were like best friend during the game.” Team Immunity decided that their 3 pro players would team with community members they picked in the line. According to Chris, the Community was great and the players were really chill towards them, even if they did stupid strategies in the game.

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