Dota 2 Soaking up 3% of the overall download traffic online

Dragon Knight from DOTA 2

Dota 2 updates are now soaking up around 3% of the overall global online traffic. This just goes to show how popular this game is becoming on a global scale.

Dota 2 creators, Valve, have kept the idea of the original DOTA (a Warcraft 3 mode) and is one of the best Free to Play MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or ARTS(Arena Real Time Stragety) games out there. “There have been 6 million unique players this month,” says amateur gamer Adam Wenborn, who plays a game of Dota 2 most nights he is at home. With so many players online it is no wonder they soak up 3% of data downloaded.

What does that actually mean though? Well in laymen’s terms 3% of the total downloads off the internet is dedicated to the DOTA 2 updates. The rise in the popularity of the game is encouraging more and more people to download the game off Steam. What makes this better is that the game is 100% free.

Dota 2 has fast become the quintessential game most Steam users will have along with Team Fortress 2. Valve has put so much time and money into making this game one of the most unique gaming experiences online. As it currently stands there are 570,000 active users with 6 Million unique accounts registered to the game. So with this it is easy to see why there is so much traffic online from this one game.

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