The Android Revolution…. it’s the Red Pill right?

Android or Apple? which are you?

So what pill would you take? In the great debate on which OS is better Apple or Android it always reminds me of that scene in the matrix when Morpheous offers Neo the choice of the Red or Blue pill. You could choice the open software or remain in you happy closed off world in the matrix. Both choices are have their advantages and both have their disadvantages. Personally, I prefer the open software choices in my Samsung Galaxy, why? I like to be in control and have the ability to edit my phone to my heart’s content. Others who choose the Apple iPhone don’t have the freedom to do what I do to my phone because apple runs a closed source code on their phone (for you non techno people out there, apple controls everything the iPhone uses via the app store).

“Google makes Android code available, license and royalty free, to anyone who wants to use it. Sort of. If you want to use the Android logo and have access to goggle services such as Maps and Google, Now you have to play by Google’s rules.(Wildstrom, 2013)” In the recent past Google has begun monitoring the applications used on their phones that use their own products. However, you can still put a flash game up on Google Play Store without any trouble what so ever. However with Apple and the App Store, “The operating system is highly controlled by Apple and can only be installed by Apple on the iPhone, there is no publicly available source code. Also, you can’t tweak the phone except for the settings available in the OS.(Shirley, 2012)”

Overall the open source software of Google is the better option for someone like me. I love to tinker and tweak anything I own whether it be my Phone or my PC. Android devices are there and are taking over the mobile market, and it is going to take a big move from Apple to get back anyone from Android phones.So this is where I ask you again, what pill do you take? Are you the Red Pill (Android) or are you the Blue pill (Apple)?

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One Response to The Android Revolution…. it’s the Red Pill right?

  1. bparsons104 says:

    Its interesting when you look into the mobile market because when you look at it in terms of everyday consumers, Android is the clear leader holding 52% of the market share, ( But when you look at it in terms of business consumers, Apple holds 72% of the market share, ( So it just depends on what the individual person is looking for as to which brand they end up choosing. Great post, I liked the Matrix comparison. It made it different to the other blogs I’ve read so far.

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