The Internet of things…. and stuff

I couldn’t help myself

The internet, you know that thing you are reading this post on right now, well are you aware it has more uses than just looking at cats and posting food to instagram. Are you aware it can connect to more devices than just mobile phones, Tablets and computers? There are cars these days that can literally connect you to the internet. Holy Amazeballs that’s integration, I’d love to have a car that is always connected to the internet. That’s not all though imagine if living in the worlds like Minority Report or iRobot… where you can be recognised by technology (HOLY CRAP) it might be just around the corner.

“The Internet of Things has evolved into a nascent conceptual framework for understanding how physical objects, once networked and imbued with informatics capabilities, will occupy space and occupy themselves in a world in which things were once quite passive (Bleeker,2006)” This is what the world is coming to, ordinary objects we don’t think should be connected to the internet, are being connected to communicate amongst themselves… for example see video below

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This is the future, and to be honest I really wish I had the money to get that sort of place, my technology would love me :D. Seriously though this is really cool and the fact that developments are in place to see this happen makes me super excited. At this point in time I know some Refrigerators and most newer TV’s are connected to the internet and can communicate with each other. Right now Samsung is advertising their newest refrigerators like this “Check the morning weather, browse the Web for recipes, explore your social networks or leave notes for your family — all from the refrigerator door. (Calburn,2013)

The Internet being connected to this stuff is becoming ridiculous, but it is the way of the future, imagine like in the video your carpet could request a vacuum by sending a signal to your vacuum. GG internet, you are the best thing mankind has ever come up with ever… of all time. It is becoming more important than the wheel.

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2 Responses to The Internet of things…. and stuff

  1. Keziah says:

    I honestly think your idea about the carpet sending a signal to the vacuum doesn’t even sound that far off. I definitely agree with your last sentence too. It’s pretty exciting and slightly worrying to think of all the amazing things the internet has done for this world in so little time!

  2. bparsons104 says:

    What we once thought was something that would only occur in movies is now becoming more of a reality with each moment that passes. Like your carpet example, sooner or later that will probably become the norm in many households. This article, (, talks about how connected households aren’t just about being for convenience, but to help those who are disabled so that they are able to live an independent lifestyle. When you think about the internet of things being able to help disabled people live more independently, it becomes more of an amazing concept.

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