Ideas for gaming areas for people on a budget

With the rise of gamers everywhere, people always wonder what the machinery they use and what it would take to get a decent “Gamer Station”

In this day and age it really doesn’t take much money to get yourself set up and ready to play with others. People always think gamers have really high end PC’s and all the consoles in their setup but in this I will show you game stations that on the cheaper side but still fully functional.

Matthew Streater's Game station

Matthew Streater’s Game station

This Game station is the desk of aspiring university student Matthew Streater. In this he has a decent Desktop PC and an Xbox 360. Matthew is able to sit at his computer and play stuff like World of Warcraft or DOTA 2 on his Desktop while he studies away on his laptop. “All up this has cost me about 1700 dollars but that is including the laptop and Xbox 360” According to Matt he has spent around 900 on the desktop.

Samuel's Higher end Gaming station

Samuel’s Higher end Gaming station

Now while Matthew has a decent setup on his system; people can still get higher end systems on a low budget. Samuel Griffith’s system is one of these; he runs a 2 screen setup and has a tower that would make anyone think he has put thousands of dollars into it. Realistically he has put maybe 1500 into it. “Sites like PC Case Gear really help when looking for low cost equipment with good output.”

Matthew’s setup at home

While high output is good, portable devices are available as well with decent output. Matthew Armstrong’s setup, while it looks great on his desk, is really good if you like to travel and play games. “My laptop, while it was expensive, really pays for itself. I mean I can go on holidays and work on digging a hole in my Minecraft world really easy with this.” All up the laptop Matt uses would cost about 1000 dollars off the dell website.

Daniel's Console orientated game station

Daniel’s Console orientated game station

For most people Gaming is just using consoles though. For Daniel Nesbitt you can see this is the case with his Console collection surrounding his television. “ the best part about this setup is it didn’t cost much and I can lie in bed most day and just play whatever is in the console or whatever I download via the marketplace online.” Daniel is on the front line when console gamers. He is always keen for new games to play on his consoles and is always looking for the next big thing. He estimates his system in total probably cost him around 1000-1100 dollars.

As you can see,  Setups in the gaming world aren’t these complex monstrosities that people put thousands upon thousands into, in fact, most gamers really don’t go over 2000 dollars.

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