Print Media is on its Death Bed

When you think about it, how much do you actually read your daily newspaper? While the older generations still do, the younger generations have evolved and now get most of their news online. Online journalism has become more convenient than the newspaper because for the most part it is free, it is ready at all times and it is always up to date with the latest stories. How can print media even compete with that? I mean newspapers are fighting a losing battle and it is only a matter of time till the final newspapers are printed.

Over the past couple of years it has become more apparent than ever. Look at the Boston bombings early last year. People used the internet to follow the disaster with up to date information while the people who just read newspapers would have sat there oblivious to the terrible tragedy that had occurred till the next day. Stories like this need the latest news to be published to the public as it happens. Journalism is relevant and needs to be fully embraced by the major news companies for it to continue to succeed into the future. (Carr, 2014)

The news will thrive in the online world and news companies that are starting to go online a gaining all the benefits from it. It is estimated that print media advertising is now worth around 45% of what it was in 2006 while online ad revenue is slowly rising at a steady rate. This is one of the key signs to me that print media is on its final breath and it is still only just holding on. Phillip Mayer who is an american journalist academic has predicted that print media will die off in the first quarter of 2043. However, if the numbers keep decreasing the way they are it wouldn’t surprise me if news was all digital within the next 10-15 years.


bu, 2014, NYT’s David Carr on the Future of Journalism,  Online video 6th march, youtube, viewed 16/04/2014 <;

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2 Responses to Print Media is on its Death Bed

  1. youfoundbec says:

    I agree that the newspaper is obsolete and that online newspapers are much more popular and superior in the sense that they can continuously be updated, however, I still think that online newspapers could work to be more interactive with their audience and that this would draw in a greater audience. News online is definitely great for broadcasting on disasters, as you discussed. Up to date, accurate news at the touch of the button has allowed audiences to organise themselves in disasters and work out what steps to take next. I found what you said about online ad revenue really interesting and it wasn’t something any other blogs which I read incorporated. I really liked this post, keep up the good work 🙂

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