So are Cities as dull and boring as you think?

Just an average city (source)

You know if you look at a photo of a city from afar, it looks like the most boring and uncreative place in the world. However, if you have a closer look throughout the city you might notice some that people have done art like this.

Some Graffiti seen on the way to Allianz Stadium in Sydney by Joel Birch (source)

Graffiti is some form of writing or painting that has been done Illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public area. Now most of the time graffiti is just random scribble or a tag that someone has done. However, there are some Graffiti artists that use their art as a form of political stand or as a commentary on society. People who do this art usually do it somewhere where they are allowed to create art or somewhere they have attained permission to do so. There are some artists however, that do not gain permission and their art seems to speak out the most.

Ever heard of a man named ‘Bansky’? Banksy is an artist who is originally from England who has created some of the best commentary pieces in the past couple of decades.

One of Banksy’s Art Peices (source)

Artwork like the one above can be found all over the place in Bristol England, The rumoured home town of the artists, and in places globally. Banksy’s graffiti art has become so popular the artist has shows dedicated to his artwork globally and some of his artwork will sell for thousands of dollars. Recently a Youth centre leader removes a Bansky work called Mobile lovers to sell to make funds for the youth centre. The artwork itself depicts society’s love affair with their mobile phones and looks at how we are so wrapped up in our own world on our phones. The removal of the artwork caused the community to backlash hard on the poor youth centre leader and you can read more about that here.

‘Mobile Lovers’ by Banksy (source)

To sum up, basically on its own from afar a city landscape is really dull and boring to people however, if you take a second to look through the city there are heads of graffiti artworks around. Next time you are in Sydney or another major metropolitan area, maybe you should have a look around, some of the graffiti might speak to you about society.

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