I Can’t go six months without talking Game of Thrones

Have you been watching the latest season of Game of Thrones? What about catching up and watching classic shows such as Breaking Bad or even the U.K version of The Office? If you said yes to one or more of these things then guess what, you are participating in the globalization of media.  Thanks to the globalization of the media industry we are able to watch and participate in global conversations about the leading shows around the globe.

its that time again (Source)

An example of this is Game of Thrones; for those who have lived under a rock for the past 4 years is this amazing show based on A Song of Fire and Ice by fiction’s biggest mass murderer, George R.R. Martin. Anyway, this show created by the HBO in America has become such a global phenomenon that it always ends up trending worldwide on twitter after it airs. It also prevents me from using the internet at uni on Monday under fears of spoilers from fans in America who have already seen it. The best thing about how popular this show is on a world scale is that it is able to be fasted tracked here to Australia for prime time viewing on Monday nights (provided you have foxtel and the showcase channel).

The globalization of media is such a good thing that has happened in the recent past. It allows us here in Australia to feel a part of the rest of the world when we can get shows like Game of Thrones on a weekly basis at the same time as those people who live in America where this show is produced or those who live in Europe where the show is filmed.  The example of Game of Thrones is just one example of many of shows that are part of the globalization of media. The trend seems to be continuing across all media platforms as we have 24 hour news channels dedicated to bringing us breaking news from around the world when it happens. It seems to me that globalization really means is that the communities we are a part of are growing into one giant global community.

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