So Have you ever Watched Channel 34 Before?

So what the hell is Diaspora? Well according to Dr Myria Georgiou”diasporas are those communities dispersed to more than one country. Some of the essential elements of a diasporic condition are those of a collective memory and myth about a homeland, a sense of empathy between people sharing the same ethnicity and an uneasy relation with the host country Diaspora can also refer to the movement of the population from its original homeland.” So with that definition I guess that means that Diasporic media  is content that is relevant to, representative of or produced by or for these groups of people.

Ever seen a production by this Channel? (Source)

An Example of diasporic media in Australia is the TV channel NITV. NITV is “a dedicated Indigenous channel of SBS we will bring extraordinary content to more screens than ever before showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures content by Indigenous Australians for Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians.’(NITV,2014). The channel itself looks at all aspects of media and is able to create stories and shows that are directly aimed at the Indigenous populous of Australia. Some of their popular shows amongst their audiences include: Marngrook Footy show, NITV News and Kriol Kitchen with Mitch and Ali Torres.

This channel born from the ashes of the Indigenous community Television channel in 2005 has been funded by the government since John Howard’s Government (The last good Liberal Government) in 2005 and has boomed in the Aboriginal community since it launched in 2007. The content that tends to be created on the channel seems to show Australia the true struggles of the Indigenous people of this country. That is displacement, disengagement, health and well-being of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. NITV is a good representation of Diasporic media because of this. It shows the culture of the Indigenous people as well as the struggles they face in everyday life. I hope that this channel will lead the charge in helping the people of indigenous Australia who are struggling. After watching a bit of their content it is apparent to me, a 21 year old Uni student that they do need help and the Government needs to jump in and start helping them more than they already are.

Georgiou, Myria. (2003). ‘Mapping Diasporic Media across the EU: Addresing Cultural Exclusion’. Key Deliverable: The European Media and Technology in Everyday Life Network, 2000-2003. Accessed 21/5/2014

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