Revisiting My childhood!

It’s okay guys…. I’m back to write for you again! You should be getting excited because the next few weeks are going to be fun. This session at university I am undertaking an autoethographic study for one of my classes, and guess what? I’m going to be informing each and everyone of my lovely readers about it for the next couple weeks :D.

Ok so what am I going to be doing? well after a long discussion about possible ideas from friends and my lecturer I have decided to talk about my favourite show as a kid. That’s right, get prepared to “rock the dragon” as we look at Dragonball Z. Just writing that gave shivers up my spine, I’m so keen to do this. The Idea I have is each week I will watch some of the most compelling episode arcs from each of the shows story arcs. Starting from next week with the ever popular Sayian saga and progressing through to the Majin buu saga. I will then compare my experiences from when I was an eager 10 year old who loved watching all the fighting and flashing lights, to my experiences now as a eager 21 year old who loves watching fighting and flashing lights ( I matured great didn’t I.)


Get keen guys!!!! (source)

So as Samuel L. Jackson once poetically put it “Hold on to your butts,” we are going to be heading down a feels trip over the next few weeks.

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