Just a piece of audio journalism I’ve been working on

For the last week or so  I’ve been working this audio piece for my journalism subject.  We were tasked with recording an interview that conveyed any of the six primary emotions (Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness,
Sadness and Surprise). The easiest for me to understand and relate to  were probably happiness and sadness.  My first thought for a subject as well was Bec’s  grandma. Last year Bec sadly lost her grandma when she passed away about mid year. I thought her experiences with her grandma who she looked up to would make for an interesting story to tell.

When I went to interview Bec about her Grandma I wrote up a bunch of questions and only chose 4 of them to ask; “tell me about your Grandma?” “What was your fondest memory with your Grandma?” “Tell me about the night she passed away?” “If you could speak to her now what would you say?” With these questions I knew I could find the story I was looking for

The recording session took place in a quiet place at uni, however I found that the emptyness of the room still gave a little echo in the recording that I tried to edit out. After finishing the recording and giving Bec a hug and apologizing for making her sad I went home and started to edit the piece.

Looking back I wish I had gotten more content of happy stories, I ended up with 10 minutes of audio to go through in the end. During the audio there were lots of happy moments as well as sad moments and I tried to take my audience on a ride to learn about how much Bec’s Grandma meant to her. The music track in the background was a nice piece of music to give an ambient sound and set the mood that while these are happy stories there was a sadness coming.

My audio piece is located here.

While I am happy with the audio piece it wasn’t what I first envisioned when I set out to make it. Personal issues and time constraints made getting the interview sooner impossible. Once I got the audio I noticed that The recording was a bit quieter than I had hoped.

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