Vegeta Vs. Goku… the dawning of a epic rivalry

Lets take a trip down memory lane here guys, In 2002 I sat down in front of the Television and was searching for something to watch. There were an was an abundance of shows on but the one that I decided was full of action, violence and blood. All the things a 10 year old loves. What I witnessed was the first episode of Vegeta vs Goku in Dragonball Z. I remember distinctly that my parents were not okay with me watching such a violent cartoon however, they let me anyway because the show made me happy. I never truly understood why the violence being in the show was bad, I just enjoyed that this ‘cartoon’ showed violence and it was entertaining to watch. The bright lights, the lasers that shoot out of their hands, the fact that death had no real consequence in this universe, all this an more draw me into watching what became my favorite show of all time.

Vegeta was always and is still my favorite (source)

So lets fast forward to today, I’m 21 years old now and have more knowledge and more experience with the show. I decided to re-watch the battle that started it all for me.


I now know that this ‘Cartoon’ is from japan and is actually referred to as Anime. Watching the fight however, I still found myself cheering on Vegeta to win, even though we all know that (SPOILER ALERT) Goku beats him into a retreat. During the fight I did pick out a few lessons that are being taught to the viewers.

  • Goku teaches people that no matter how bad you feel, how injured you are never give up because you don’t know what you can accomplish.
  • Vegeta teaches people that rage and anger never accomplish anything.

As a kid I would never have picked up the underlying messages this fight seemed to teach its audience, I was just excited because these 2 guys were shooting lasers out of their hands. What surprised me the most about these 2 messages was how much they impact on my life right now. These 2 very valuable life lessons were shown in a kids show that gets condemned for how much violence it portrays. The fight itself is one of the more duller fights in Dragon Ball Z. This is the first major fight in the Dragon Ball Z arc of the Dragon Ball universe. While this fight does have the Giant Monkey form of Vegeta and Gohan in it; the fight doesn’t have the super sayian transformations in it. While that doesn’t seem like much, the super sayian versions of Goku and Vegeta have had some of the best battles in the show. I felt like while this fight does the build up to Goku using the spirit bomb for the first time, it was lackluster compared to what is to come in the series.

Another thing I picked up on while watching it again, as an adult the show is quite lackluster because I already know what is going to happen. It seemed like all the joy I received as a kid from the show had been taken away. At the end of the fight I felt really relieved it was over because I didn’t enjoy it as much as when I was a kid.



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