Cell Vs Gohan: A new hero emerges

Gohan vs Cell (source)

Its Time for a real trip down memory lane here, and what better way to start it then with a bit of trivia? Who is the strongest fighter alive in the Dragonball Z universe at the end of the Cell Games? The answer is not Goku, no its his son, Gohan. Not only did he ascend to levels his father never dreamed of, he defeated Cell. Cell is the next super bad guy to threaten Goku and his friends in the Dragonball Z saga. Goku makes the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to kill Cell but fails ultimately. This leaves the fighters without their star quarterback to get them through the final quarter. Enter Gohan!


This is the first time that Goku hasn’t been the final hope for the earth. Goku is already dead by the time the final push is made by Gohan. This is huge not only in Dragonball Z but in most shows. When do you see the main character that everyone loves dead before the climax of the show. I can remember being down because of Goku making the ultimate sacrifce for nothing. Seeing Cell regenerate after goku’s death was tough. However, as a fan it kept you on the edge of your seat. You would assume Vegeta would step up and take out Cell and save the day however, It was Gohan, a 14 year old with the spirit of Goku who stepped up and became the Savior of the Earth.

The Spirit of Goku Lives on through Gohan (source)

Thinking back on this it reminds me a lot of Red Dead Redemption. In this game by rockstar games has an ending that reminds me of the ending of the Cell games. In Red Dead Redemption, you play as John Marsden until towards the end of the game where {spoiler alert} John dies and you take over as his son Jack 3 years later looking to take revenge on your fathers killers. After Goku dies and Cell regenerates, Gohan goes on a rampage looking to save the world from Cell and gain revenge for losing his father. While Red Dead was made long after the Cell Games just thinking back on the story and how I felt about it and the connection was made.


So now that I am 21 going on 22, what did I think of the fight? The fight defiantly excited me more than the previous 2 fights I have watched. I could connect more with the characters as they struggled to defeat cell. What was interesting is the story arc of the fight is structured like a fight club, so much so that the saga is known as the “Cell Games”.  Cell making the heroes fight mini cells before being able to challenge him was awesome, it gave the not so big characters a chance to show their skills, characters like Tein who fell of Toriyama’s radar after Dragonball ended. The final moments of the fight really stick in my mind. Watching the Gohan Kamehameha vs Cell’s was one of the most important moments for Gohan’s character. Gohan is down and about to give up and then all of a sudden the Spirit of Goku appears and wills Gohan to victory. It was a scene and moment that I feel is a good metaphor for life in general. No matter how much we are down and no matter how much all seems lost, There is someone over our shoulder watching us and there to help us in whatever situation we get ourselves in.

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