Goku… the legendary Super Sayian

Frieza Vs Goku (source)

Its is arguably the most pinnacle fight in Dragonball Z history. Goku, the hero of earth vs the most dominate force in the galaxy, Frieza. This fight has the most significant title as the longest fight in anime history. It is also the first time we ever see the appearance of the Legendary super sayian that has been alluded to since we first met Prince Vegeta.

I remember as a kid watching the Frieza arc in Dragonball Z and just waiting for Goku to come in a just destroy Frieza and everything will be good again. The show had been teasing us with the strength capabilities of Goku’s body with Captain Ginyu stealing his body for a brief period of time due to Goku’s immense Strength. Toryiama even built up the strength of Frieza and ultimately it became the immovable object vs the unstoppable force. Like Andre the Giant Vs Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 3, Like Godzilla vs King Kong. These 2 were larger than life forces and as a kid you were on the edge of your seat wondering how this fight will play out. The best thing was that death was no consequence in this universe. These 2 fighters could fight for years and years and still have no result.

Unstoppable force meets the Immovable Object. (source)

So how did I feel?

Watching the 4 hour fight as a kid was so engaging that you don’t realise 4 hours fly by as you watch it. You are always on the edge of your seat wondering who will win, will Frieza kill Goku? Will Goku break his rule and kill Frieza? I honestly felt as a kid watching this that I was sitting there watching the main event at Wrestlemania or something. The build up for the fight was just perfect Frieza had beat up on all of Goku’s friends and defeated them all convincingly. It honestly felt like here is Frieza the unstoppable world Heavyweight champion and no will take this title from him. Then out of the mist comes Goku, the challenger and fighter for the people trying to take the champ off his pedestal.There is one moment in the fight that I find being the pinnacle moment of the whole series and that of course is the first transformation of Goku. To me this transformation was the same as Hulk Hogan hulking up, the same as The Rock running the ropes ready to drop The People’s Elbow. These changes are always added in wrestling matches to start the momentum swings and add drama to the matches. To me it felt that this change was the momentum swing for Goku in this fight and signaled the end was near. It was safe to say that Frieza Vs. Goku needed to be pushed for SummerSlam. This is how I felt when i was ten though. Now days it is just a little bit different.


So now these days watching the Frieza vs. Goku fight is such a drag. As an adult I truly understand that over the 4 hours there is like 30-40 minutes of actual progression and 3 hours of nothing… NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENS. The fight is just punches and kicks that is meant to take about 5 minutes (at one point Frieza states that the planet will blow up in 5 minutes… which translated to nearly another hour of content.) This is constantly made fun of online too, In the Dragonball Z Abridged series by the guys at Team four star, they constantly make jokes related to Frieza and him not being able to determine the time. The build up to the fight is also needed context to actually watch the fight. Just trying to watch the actual fight with no build up just doesn’t work. I didn’t feel emotionally invested in the fight without the build up and once again it spoiled the fight. However, the momentum swing I mentioned earlier… Goku’s Transformation, that was still as epic as the day I first seen it. No matter what context you see it in, you always feel hyped after watching it. It is definitely the pinnacle moment of the fight and an iconic moment in the show. Seeing Goku become the legendary super sayian after it being hyped by characters like Vegeta is a highlight not only of Dragonball Z but is considered a highlight for the 90s kids in general.

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