Goku Vs Kid Buu: The Final Fight!

Dear citizen of earth…

These were the lines said by Vegeta after he comes full circle. One of the big things in this final fight was Vegeta finally coming to terms with his anger and rage and accepting that Goku is the strongest fighter in the world. While the fight itself was lackluster it was the back story and growth Vegeta that saved this one. From his final redemption and acceptance, too his plan to kill Buu and saved the human race from extinction. This in my opinion was one of the best fights in the show due to the development of Vegeta.

Goku Kicking Kid Buu in the stomach (source)

How Did I Feel Then
As a kid watching this and seeing Vegeta reflect on Goku since he has met him was really poetic in a way. Not because he was learning about himself, but because of the reflecting on the journey we have been on for the past 200 something episodes. You also rediscover that throughout the series Goku has never once killed any of his foes, while vegeta has vanquished all of his to eternal damnation. Another key feeling about the fight is Vegeta’s plan to end buu and save the human race. Vegeta’s plan is to unite the human race against Buu and have them power the biggest Spirit Bomb ever conjured by Goku. This seems reminiscent of many plans in all apocalypse style movies. One very good example is the 10/10 best movie ever Independence Day starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom. At the end of the movie the remaining human race follow their fearless leader into the final fight to save the planet from the alien invaders. I felt while Vegeta gave his emotional speech pleading with the world to lend their energy that he channeled the president’s speech in Independence Day to unite the earth to victory… only to have them ignore him and only help out when The world Martial Arts Champion (I swear this is his name) Mr. Satan, abused the Earth to help or they were going to die.

Reflection Time
So how do I feel now after watching the fight again? To be honest watching the growth of Vegeta brought a tear to my eye. As a kid i always loved Vegeta, he has and always will be my favorite character in the series. To see his growth again really hit me on a personal level. I had forgotten all about his final redemption and his growth from being “Evil” to being an equal with Goku. He manages not only to become good in the eyes of the world of the dead but also from the dragon when he is wished back from the dead. It is stated by Goku that only the good were wished back from his wish to restore the human race.Seeing the change in Vegeta over the saga from hating the human race to realizing they are worth saving. It was also weirdly satisfying that the final battle of the show was Goku’s first kill in the show. Early in the fight during Vegeta’s reflection moment you see how Goku has always shown mercy to his foes, he always gives them a chance to redeem themselves and live out their days free of evil. The only two ever to redeem themselves are Vegeta himself and Fat Buu. Its surprising that over 200 something episodes that only 2 people found redemption over the Dragonball Z saga. Also the fact that Vegeta gives one of the most emotional speeches of the show makes this one of the best nostalgia trips I have been on.

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