Should we give up on Australian Content?

Its a question that runs through my mind every day. One day I aspire to be a content creator, making movies or TV and I would like to be able to at least start doing that in a country I know and love. However, given that the content produced in this country is lackluster at best is it time to give up on Australian Content? This post will explore the Australian Film industry and recent films to see if it is time to give up and try something else.

Lets look at the last couple of movies created as Australian content, since 2013 there has only been one international success to come out of Australian produced movies, and that movie was The Great Gatsby, Directed and produced by Baz Luhramm. Other than that you need to go back to about 2011 to find the next success (Sanctum), while that doesn’t seem like a lot of time between successes, there was 19 films in between. Australian films generally don’t perform well on an international or even national scale. While we create films based on our history, box office numbers show we prefer to see big spectacular action films rather than artsy films about Australia.

Have you ever wondered where the first Australian film sits on the list of biggest box office hits? I have, and looking it up, turns out the first movie on the All time world wide box office hits is The Great Gatsby at 261, and this film isn’t even about Australia. The first Film about Australia on this list is down at 551 and the movie was Australia starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. The numbers don’t lie, the public eye wants to see big budget effects driven films, which is totally ok, but it means that these artsy movies we make here in Australia will die out unless we have creators jump on the Big budget effects driven movie hype.

The Australian Film Industry is teetering on the edge of a knife, stray but a little and it will fail. The film industry itself is built around the all mighty dollar, big box office draws like Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Lawrence charge hundreds of millions to appear in films these days. How can our film industry even compare to the likes of Hollywood? while our glorious government attempts to build on our industry by offering tax incentives and donations to would be film makers, this money it seems could be spent elsewhere and help provide this country with something it truly needs (OUR GOD DAMN NBN!) If our government doesn’t want to give up on Australian content, then its time to look to the future. Invest in new media, provide us with the internet we deserve to create content for free online. With heavy investments in higher internet speeds, companies can use websites like YouTube to create content on. The best thing about YouTube is you don’t need to spend millions and billions of dollars to create content on; you just need a camera, some editing software and some form of skill and boom YouTube money.

So is it time to give up on Australian content? I say its time to give up on the film industry for now and invest heavily in new media. Investments to increase our Internet speeds means even your average joe can become a creator online and they don’t need to live in area’s like Los Angles or New York to become famous; all you need is an internet connection and your home town can become your set. So in short give up on the film industry as it makes little money and invest heavily in new media and its accessories.

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