Kings Of Tokyo: Basically a Kaiju feast of fun

Looks like its that time once again (and thankfully for the last time for me). Uni is back and that means I have to maintain this thing again. So lets kick it off with what we did this week in class shall we.

>Find this game >Buy this game >Acquire business (Source)

This week Team Acquiring Business (Yes Dan and Sean I refer to you as this) and others played a board game called Kings Of Tokyo. Now the premise of this game is simple, kill the other players Kaiju and reign over Tokyo. There are a number of different ways for one to win at this game but during our experience playing the slow start into an aggresive tactic seemed to work best. The game can be played with 4-6 players and took about 20-30 minutes. It proved to be exciting and entertaining especially with the mechanics the game has.

The game relies on its 3 main mechanics to maintain pressure on the players which leads to bad decisions at crunch time. The Dice rolls determined how many victory points you could obtain, the amount of currency won in a turn and if you had to attack or not. The currency system or energy cubes allowed players to buy certain power cards that affected the players standings in the game (Some of the cards bought knocked out most of the players in our game). Finally, the attacking system was one that if you were on low health you tried to avoid at all cost. The basic idea behind the attack system was that if you rolled an attack on the dice at the end of your 3 rolls you had to attack the city of Tokyo, if there was no one in Tokyo then you enter freely however, if someone was in Tokyo then they took damage equal to the amount of attacks rolled on the dice. Players could yield Tokyo but would still take damage while leaving and this lead to the end of one player.

Overall, I would dub Kings of Tokyo a must play when with friends who enjoy simple board games. Its not to hard to learn and once you get started you become an expert pretty quickly and start to device the best strategy to win.

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