QR Codes and games!

So imagine for a second an amazing race style game running around the uni, collecting clues to find the next checkpoint and finally ending up at the most sacred places of all places, the Unibar. Sounds awesome right? I think so too, this is the idea we are developing and its going to have some pretty hype mechanics in it for all who play it. The best part is of course that this game can be played on campus with your mates and at the end of it you can buy the most glorious of liquids, beer!

The idea Sean and Daniel have been developing is to use a series of QR codes as clues, to win the game you need to find all the QR codes. Each QR code will show a clue/hint to where the next code is. Simple stuff, anyone could do it, well, anyone with a smart phone and a QR reader. The game is simple, effective and anyone can participate, what could go wrong?

Well for one thing that could potentially harm is the fact that we have so many good ideas to choose from. While technically having so many ideas is a great place to start, it can also make us lose focus on the main goals of the game. Only time will tell how we develop this idea into a working viable option for a game. With the minds we have behind this game, Guys like Matt Armstrong, Daniel Nesbitt, Dan Natoli, Sean Coles and myself, I do see this game having an influx of good critical thinking and a good talent pool for ideas. Just keep thinking of that glorious beer at the end guys and our game will kick ass.

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