whats the deal with cyberspace?

Can you imagine a world without cyberspace? Anyone? what about you over there in the back? No, well I can understand why. With products like computers, smart phones and tablets its hard for anyone not to know or understand that the internet and cyberspace have become part of our lives

In today’s world we see people who have numerous access to technologies that allow us access to various social media websites. The younger kids of today spend most of their time looking at a computer or phone screen than actually exercising. While this could be considered a negative thing, it can also lead to a more positive ideas coming from it. For example, Gamers around the world can now interact and play online at any time of the day thanks to the advancements in technology for cyberspace. I can be sitting on my bed here in Australia while playing Call of Duty  and be fighting people form America, England and even Afghanistan. Cyberspace has allowed the world to become a more connected community.

The early origins of Cyberspace were first thought up as an idea, The internet was created by the military and once it became commercialized it revolutionized the global community. The Memmex Machine described by Vannaver Bush in 1945 is basically what our desktop computer is today, in fact it probably is more similar to the desktop computers designed to run Windows 95 on them. If Bush was around today he would be astonished with the technological advances we have made since the end of the world wars. The devices created since 1945 have vastly reshaped our world and society. The first mobile phones were created 1973 and were the size of a brick, now they fit in the palm of our hands have more uses than just calling someone.

Cyberspace and technology have come so far so quickly, I honestly can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Reference list

Vannevar Bush.  “As We May Think.”  Atlantic Monthly 176.1 (July 1945): 101-08.

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