We are drowning in codes and Ideas

This week we finally got our act into gear and started really forming our idea into a simple game. What started as a competitive search has now turned into a simple tour and clue solving game.

While discussing our ideas in class it became apparent that for our game simplifying it was a key for all of us. While the idea of people racing for prizes around the campus was cool, Creating an ARG tour with the purpose of showing all the young first years around was going to be easier for us to make, and easier for people to play. What we decided on was creating paths to show off each of the faculties main buildings. The initial path will remain the same and show students the library, student central, Unicentre and maybe building 17. The game will end in the most obvious of places (the unibar) so everyone can talk about the game and socialize with others who also have completed the game.

After we had decided on where we would send them we started working on the clue portion of the game. We didn’t want the clues to be too obvious but we also recognized that between us we have been hear around 5 years so we needed to create challenging clues that weren’t too challenging. We basically had to channel our inner first year (eww). Right now we have a few clues we have written but more need to be created. Over the coming weeks we plan to start filming which means I get to play with a camera and be all in charge for once.

Sounds exciting right? we are pretty stoked to get this show on the road and I hope the final product is something we can all be proud of.

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