Not only is the following a blog post for my university degree, but consider it an open letter to the Liberal Party about how we need faster internet!

I will come out and say it flat out, Copper is old technology that will cost us more in the future when you have to rip it up because of how slow it is. You have a chance to help so many industries in this country produce better work and create more job opportunities yet you can’t justify fibre to the home?

Lets look at the facts at the superior NBN and the joke you call an NBN. Firstly the speed you promised you could get us to is laughable. At the moment we can get 12mb/s download and 1mb/s upload. That’s pathetic, considering before we could get 1/1 download/upload. Not only that but we don’t even come close to the 25mb/s promised by Liberal for the NBN. Copper is outdated technology that doesn’t retain as much data as say Optical fibre, which was the way labor wanted to connect us to the internet. There are offers to get 100/40 in Australia however they are only offered in certain areas; major metropolitan areas to be precise. For more on how much better the labor NBN would have been visit here.

Why was their a change from the supreior speeds of the Labor NBN to the Liberal NBN? Simple answer is Liberal wanted to save money like always (for no real reason by the way) So it cut costs and gave us fibre to the node, not fibre to the Premises. They leave the inferior copper wire connecting the house to the node which slows the actual speeds houses will get, if you are further away from the node the slower your speeds are. You could sign up for the 12mb deal and end up getting the same speeds as we get now… hurrah for pathetic internet.

Sorry for my ranting here but it is an issue I feel strongly about. Due to the slow internet in this country I will be forced to move out of it to pursue my career eventually. To conclude all this, the Liberal NBN is inferior and will eventually hurt Australia in more ways than one.

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