The difference between East and West Anime

The differences are there surprisingly, 2 different cultures creating anime who would have guessed there would be some differences. Popularity of some anime is a big difference between the 2 cultures. Some anime will be very popular in America and yet will fail to get over in Japan. Another difference is the wait times for waiting for the dubbed versions of some anime. These are 2 differences I will look at in this post.

Popularity is a big thing when it comes to TV shows. The same goes for anime, the more popular the anime the more likely it will be picked up for a second season. A great example of this Dead Man Wonderland, in Japan this anime failed to get over with the intended audience. It didn’t live up to expectation and didn’t gather the audience that was expected. However, in the western world Dead Man Wonderland was met as with astounding applause and praise. What is interesting about this is that even though the show was met with success overseas, it is highly unlikely that a second season will be produced of the show.  Because the show failed to get over in Japan the company in charge of creating the anime from the manga has put it on the back burner. This becomes a letdown for the western fans of the show as there is a demand for more of it.

Another big difference for the cultural gap, is the language difference. Anime produced in Japan tends to be made in Japanese. There is a lot of people in this world that don’t speak Japanese. To fix this there are subbed versions of the show OR if you want to wait for the show to be dubbed and censored then you can do that. Oh and that’s another thing about anime; when the shows are translated into English sometimes the shows are considered to be too extreme for the western audiences. Shows like Pokemon, Dragonball Z etc. are censored to hide more extreme and raunchy scenes. For example, in Pokemon the scene where James has fake boobs. This just an example of how the cultural differences between the lands. Sadly I doubt we will ever see a properly translated anime due to the way Japanese-English always can end up with some weird unintelligible sentences. The translators do their best but sometimes it is just too much for them.

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