Hacking and trolling… practically is the same stuff

Ever since there has been the internet; people find a way to abuse the internet for their own sick ideas of fun. One of the ways this happens is through hacking.  Hacking sort of exploded into mainstream media when Anonymous started their war against censorship. Originally Anonymous was a group who manifested on 4chan’s /b/ boards that acted for the lulz; however, after the church of Scientology took a video of Tom Cruise off the internet Anonymous started their crusade.

Coleman opens his reading “Trolls, Tricksters and Lulz” (2014)  discussing how Anonymous came to the forefront of activism online in 2008. Coleman discusses how Anonymous uses trolling in its mass campaigns against censorship. He also brings up the point that what was once a tool used to gain sensitive information, hacking has become part of trolling online. Hackers have evolved into the modern day trolls of the internet; using their skills to exploit people online. People like Anita Sarkeesian and Scientology; we have all heard the stories of how people on 4chan hacked into places and released data like Sarkeesian’s home address, lists of members of Scientology etc. The trolls claimed these hacks were for the lulz however, it lead to personal attacks on peoples personal lives. Imagine coming home to boxes of inappropriate objects and hundreds of pizzas being sent to your house that you never ordered. These are just examples of what people will go to ‘for the lulz’

We always hear on the internet phrases like “Don’t feed the trolls,” and it is true you shouldn’t feed these trolls. Milner discusses how trolling is a negative activity that happens online in his article ‘Hacking the social’ (2013). Milner discusses that feeding the trolls gives them ammo to attack the feeder. Milner describes trolling as “The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue.” This definition means that when an argument appears online that usually the trolls will come. The best way to defeat the problem is to ignore them, never feed the trolls and they will slowly disappear.

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