Censorship online, whats the big deal about it?

Its time to look at the elephant in the room; no I don’t mean Anita Sarkeesian, I’ll save that for another time. I’m talking about censorship online, is it a good thing or a bad thing? I really am torn on this issue because I am against any form of censorship; however, there are some things online that really shouldn’t be there.

Censorship online is different in each country, in china for example you would be lucky to find anything at all relevant to current events outside of china that isn’t propaganda. China has heavily censored their internet in their country making it almost impossible for outside websites to enter the country. They have this system called “The Great Firewall of China” (real original by the way.) This firewall monitors every website that has access to the country. Zhang (2006) looks at how the country’s government uses its power of censorship to ‘protect’ its population to make sure they don’t find anything unsafe. However, according to this government the video below is unsafe.

The Chinese government has heavily restricted its population’s access to the internet so much that a panda sliding down a slide is unsafe because it appears on youtube.

That’s just an example of a country with heavily censored internet, but what about here in our own backyard?

Here in the mighty Australia, our attitude towards censorship really falls back onto what our culture is stereotyped as being. “If you have a problem, let us know and we will sort it out,” (ACMA, 2013) Its such an Aussie attitude to have towards it and I think its great. This is how censorship should really work everywhere, well sort of. We can’t give the angry soccer mums all the power. It should be the general consensus that if the majority don’t like it then it should be taken away. Not one angry mother who keeps asking “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN”

Seriously, if it is just you shut up, stop ruining the internet for all of us (source)

So to sum up, online censorship is useful in most cases. We obviously don’t want to be like china where this blog I guarantee you has been banned because I pointed out how dumb total censorship is. We do need something like Australia where we can make a complaint if we find something offensive online though.

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