Final Report for the Duck Hunt

So its all said and done, we finished our work so now its time to reflect. I chose to record a video for my individual Dossier of the UOW Duck Hunt because it was easier for me to reflect my thoughts that way. In the video I discuss issues like: what the UOW Duck Hunt is, why we made the game, The filming and Editing process, and the group dynamics.

To summarize the content talked about in the video; the UOW duck hunt is a ARG tour/game for the new students at the University of Wollongong to play. It is designed to introduce the campus to the first years and hopefully help them when learning their way around. We initially had the idea to have an Amazing race style game where contestants would scan QR codes to gain points and the winners would be the team with the most points. Personally I was in charge of Directing and editing all the footage. The group delegated that we would film for 3 weeks and I would edit for another 3, however I was able to push myself to get the editing done about a week ahead of schedule. The only real problem we encountered was uploading the videos to YouTube. Living in Australia means we have very slow upload speeds, I ended up uploading around 1.5gb of data to our YouTube Channel in 8 hours at my house. Finally the group worked really well together, we were able to bounce ideas of each other and created a final product we all were very proud of. If we had had more time I really wished we could have completed all the courses. However, due to our inexperience at being on camera and reading scripts, it just wasn’t possible for us to film the rest of the paths.

Things I didn’t mention while I was recording this was talking about one specific issue we had while recording. It was one we didn’t count on running in to; with Sean supplying the camera and Microphone for most of the videos we didn’t expect him to miss a day. Unfortunately he did miss a day getting his wisdom teeth out which led to us using different equipment on that day. The Audio for the videos recorded without Sean’s equipment is quite noticeably different and if we could re-shoot those videos I would.

Other than that the duck hunt turned out better than expected. We were all really happy with the final outcome of the products. We learned from our own gaming experience and ARG research what makes a good game and we stuck to that strategy. We created a simple fun game for all to enjoy and hopefully will provide people a possibility to meet new people when first starting university

To see more visit our Game Dossier.

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