Hey everyone, my name is Andrew and this is my personal portfolio blog that I am using to express my own opinions on current media.

So, that was a pretty generic and stupid introduction for me, I’ll elaborate further. My name is Andrew but for the love of god, call me ‘Clarkey’ or ‘Andy’.Now why have I started this blog?  I  like the idea of having a blog to post about current media and social events in the modern world. When you think about it, everyone in a first world country can be connected to everyone else. We all have some form of social networking platform, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and some more retro people even use Myspace still. We all use these and we all gather news from either big news outlets or look online to places like this where people like myself give the facts and their own unbiased opinions

Now I really haven’t told you much about myself have I? Well, I’m a Bachelor of Communication and Media student that lives in Wollongong. I am an avid gamer and play a lot of xbox and PC games. I listen to hardcore and Punk music a lot and music is something that got me on twitter in the first place (shameless self plug for my twitter which is: @Clarkey_Andy). Using twitter has allowed me to connect in the Australian hardcore music scene as a fan and gets me all the news when it hits.

Other than those 2 major interests of mine I’m also:

  •  Into anything and everything Roosterteeth
  • An NRL fan (can’t play anymore due to knee injury)
  • Into most other sport
  •  Music concerts
  •  A movie buff
  • Hanging with my friends

Yea, that’s about it on me. I’m not this complex interesting guy my girlfriend keeps telling me I am. I’m and average guy going to uni looking to succeed this year. Keep Calm & Throw Roses Internet, Clarkey Signing off!


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